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An '''anonymous post''' is an entry on a bulletin board system, Internet forum, or other discussion forums, without a User (computing)|screen name or more commonly by using a non-identifiable pseudonym. Some online forums do not allow such posts, requiring users to be registered either under their personal name|real name or utilizing a pseudonym. Some may allow anonymous posts, but discourage them by referring to such posters as “anonymous cowards”,[ "Anonymous Coward"], September 13, 2011 such as in the case of Slashdot and Techdirt. Others like JuicyCampus, AutoAdmit, 2channel, and other Futaba Channel|Futaba-based image boards (such as 4chan) thrive on anonymity. Users of 4chan, in particular, interact in an anonymous and ephemeral environment that facilitates rapid generation of new trends.
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